Metro of Naples – Vomero’s funiculars

Metro of Naples – Vomero’s funiculars

27 April 2017 - 16:21

In order to improve the efficiency of the transport and the safety on board the train the manager of the Metropolitan of Naples, Metronapoli SpA, has established a fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure for the broadband connection of Central, Montesanto and Chiaia funicular wagons with their respective land offices.

The goal of the operator is to get closer to its users by realizing a real-time video monitoring system on board the trains, integrating real-time announcements management and telecontrol of main functional parameters of the funicular via a wireless system connection between land and train. The creation of the infrastructure will allow further future developments, not least the realization of a wifi inside the car, or VoIP communication of passengers.

Objectives of the project – Faced with the increasing demand for safety and reliability of public transport systems, the metropolitan service provider of the city of Naples (Metronapoli), has set itself the objective to find an effective and high performance solution that meets the following basic requirements:

  • Voice / data / video connectivity between land and train in real-time and high-bandwidth, even during the trip between station and station, that is, when moving

Scope and Technologies – a project has been defined to achieve the objectives for the creation of an infrastructure composed as follows:

  • Wireless backbone, all along the funicular, both in the entrance and the tunnel, in HIPERLAN / 2 technology with MESH protection between the various network nodes, in fault-tolerance mode
  • Wireless point-to-multipoint MESH wireless connectivity and extended radio coverage for the whole funicular travel in HIPERLAN / 2 wireless connectivity for land-train clamping
  • Implementation, on the same radio infrastructure, of the existing VHF / UHF security system

Realization – The plant was built on the three main funiculars leading to the Vomero hill, this is, on the central funicular, Montesanto and Chiaia. In each case, several HIPERLAN / 2 base stations have been installed on the ground with special directional and routing antennas, so as to completely cover the funicular path, both in open space and in the tunnel. The backbone interconnection between the base station and the operator’s operating center was realized through redundant connections

Evolutionary Scenarios – The system currently enables the data, voice and video connection between the train-train and the operational center.In the future and without the addition of new infrastructures, will also allow: VoIP mobile telephony on board train and video surveillance in gallery for the operators.