Agusta Westland

Agusta Westland

20 December 2016 - 10:33

Realization of a system of Capillary Indoor Wireless Coverage, based on antenna Emisfera BT

Agusta Westland, the world’s leading production company of civil and military helicopters, with several establishments located on Italian and foreign soil, had Radio coverage requirements, for two of its establishments. Agusta’s requests were clear: the system had to be able to satisfy extremely robust and reliable criteria, because of high complexity and peculiarity of its logistic and productive system, where thousands of references are treated and range from tiny small-sized to large pre-assembled coded parts, managed with radio clients.

Project Objectives –dictated key objectives by Agusta systems, consisted in a realization of a uniform radio coverage throughout the production plant and in the Hangar, furthermore the radio cover was to be not influenced by the objects in the field and require the implementation of the LAN infrastructure as little complex and invasive as it was possible, given the production in progress at the plant and the impossibility of halting it during its construction.

Realization – after a careful customer auditing and after an operating survey with the purpose of exact site measurement, we opted for the use of Emisfera BT antennas, which, in accordance with the requirements of the Customer, allow maximum simplification of both the radio part and the LAN infrastructure, using 1/4 of the access points that would have been due used in the case of cover based on access point with omnidirectional or sectoral antennas, getting as immediate advantages the maximum diffusion of the field signal and the minimization of radio interference, thanks to the adoption of 6 Emisfera BT antennas.

Evolutionary Scenarios – Quantitative and qualitative data and collected through instrumental measures during the test, make it possible to assert that infrastructure can be in the future
used for IP telephony without any hardware modification.