Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd — Video sourvellance revamping crane

Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd — Video sourvellance revamping crane

27 April 2017 - 10:13

Emisfera Sistemi, as partner of Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd CHCL, realised and commissioned a proprietary on-board video surveillance system at the cargo port of Port Luis at Mauritius island. Project of crane revamping and on-board automation control replacement, involved a particular crane operator aid system for container handling, during cargo shipment procedures. Particulars cameras was realised in order to assist cargo loading and downloading actions on ships and dock shuttle. System involved different video surveillance images storage sites, real time wireless telecommunications between cranes and ground control room and large storage capacity in order to record more than one month of streaming.

Scope — scope of the revamping was upgrade crane automation and improve safety and security. Implementation of on-board video surveillance and drive video aid for the container handling during cargo operation was an important part of the effort. Our realisation will perform:

  •  Crane area video surveillance for security and safety issues
  •  Cabin operator video surveillance for human safety
  •  Spreader handling drive aid
  •  Evidence of container status and handling by the company

Technologies — In order to best fit the scope of the project, CHCL and Emisfera Sistemi set up a complete solution of cameras , DVR, technologies and wireless telecommunication system. Main feature of employed devices and technologies are:

  •  High resolution and full HD 3 Mpx cameras
  •  Big storage DVR in both location: crane on-board cabin and on-ground control room
  •  High capacity and real time unlicensed wireless system, done by best fitted antennas for low interference and complete coverage demand, in the moving crane area

Planning and deployment — Project was realised in three different phases, one by one each crane involved in the revamping. Particular working conditions and high performance requests were a very capable diver. A very detailed design and plan of all activities, combined to the high specialisation of engineers and technicians on the field, was the key of the success of this case.