GTT – Digital Divide at the Valli di Lanzo

GTT – Digital Divide at the Valli di Lanzo

27 April 2017 - 11:45

To improve the efficiency of transport and the safety on board the train the operator of Metropolitan of Naples, Metronapoli SpA, has realized a fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure owned for the broadband connection of Central cableway agons, of Montesanto and Chiaia, with their respective land main office. The operator’s goal is to be closer to its users realizing a real-time videocontrol system on board the trains, integrating real-time announcements management and remote control of funiculars’ main functional parameters, through a wireless system connection between Earth and Train. The creation of the infrastructure will allow further future developments, not least the realization of internal wifi coverage for cars or VoIP communication of passengers.
Objectives of the project – The Torinese Transport Group and the Montana Community of the Lanzo Valleys have sponsored and implemented a wireless geographic extension telecommunications network with the following primary objectives:

  • Combating the Digital Divide problem in the Lanzo Valley’s Mountains and Municipalities, bringing to all private citizens in a capillary way high capacity connectivity for voice and data transmission
  • Interconnect via radio, as back-up to the current fibre optic backbone, the mountain railway stations of Torino-Ceres line owned by the Torinese Transport Group
  • Interconnect with broadband municipalities and public administration offices, long-afflicted by the Digital Divide problem

Scope and Technologies – for the  achievement of the goals, a large-scale territorial and technological project has been set up, envisaging the creation of an infrastructure composed this way:

  • Dual HIPERLAN / 2 wireless ring, in fault-tolerant topology, for the back-up interconnection of the 3 GTT mountain stations where the fiber optic network arrives
  • Wireless backbone in 1 + 1 mode, in HIPERLAN / 2 technology to reach the most remote locations along the 3 main valleys of the Community
  • Point-to-multipoint wireless network, always in HIPERLAN / 2 technology, with double protected radio 1 + 1, covering the main mountain localities
  • Implementation of the whole L2 and L3 network level (BGP), creation and design of installed sites, complete site alarm system setting up, network manager, etc…

Realization – The plant was realized during 2010 with delivery in autumn 2010. The realization has also planned the redesign and the assertion of some existing sites (networks). The start-up was supported with the TEX97 telecommunications operator, both at the physical and network levels and VoIP interconnection, which, after delivery, has taken over the network by providing commercial connectivity.

Evolutionary Scenarios – The system currently allows data and voice connection between the various nodes of the network and, through interconnection, to the public switched network or the internet. In the future, it will be possible to transmit value-added services such as video, video surveillance, PA services, etc…