The Municipality of Casalecchio di Reno

The Municipality of Casalecchio di Reno

27 April 2017 - 14:58

The Municipality of Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), like most Italian municipalities, has numerous sites spread throughout the country, as well as social centers and schools, which need broadband and voice data connection. Therefore, the remote sites of the Municipality which could not be wired(day nurseries, day centers, visitor centers) were connected,, thus eliminating the costs of telephony and Internet connectivity (ADSL).

The goal of the municipal administration is to be closer to its citizens, especially the younger ones, to keep pace with the times transparently, helping to reduce the “digital divide”, the gap between those who know or can access new technologies and those who are excluded, thanks to the free wireless coverage of squares, parks and urban aggregates defined as “Wi-Fi Community”.

Objectives of the project – In order to meet the connectivity requirements of the sites and the population identified, the Municipality of Casalecchio has set itself the objective of finding a solution, alternative to the fiber optic structure, which meets the following basic requirements:

  • Performance and Flexibility
  • Coverage of current and future needs (scalability)
  • Low impact on the enviroment and the citizen

Scope and Contents – To achieve the goals, a project has been defined for the realization of an infrastructure thereby composed:

  • Wireless backbone in HIPERLAN / 2 technology with topological ring protection (3 knots) for interconnection of the headquarters with the 2 major repetition points in point-to-point protected fault-tollerance mode
  • Wireless point-to-multipoint connectivity and extended coverage to the entire municipal area to which about twenty separate sites are wirelessly connected (kindergartens, social centers, schools etc) and to which hot-spots are also connected.
  • System of about a dozen Hot-spot WiFi for free internet access to citizens of Casalecchio di Reno, distributed in the public areas of the municipal territory and interconnected to the network of the municipality through the point-multipoint system HIPERLAN / 2

Realization – The first phase of the project planned the realization of two point-to-multipoint signal distribution stations (PMP) near Colle Belvedere and Montagnola in Via Panoramica. These sites carry out the dual function of geographical coverage of the territory and of a occasional link with the CED of the Municipality.

All optic visibility points with the two PMP truncs, chosen as the network’s spread points, are potentially connectable via the new wireless network to the CED of the Commune, and therefore in all respects served of the Internet, intranet, and voice.

At those collecting sites merge therefore both WiFi widespread cells in the main public areas of the city and all services to the citizen.

Evolutionary Scenarios – already from the early stages of operation it was understood that such infrastructure could be used for many other applications: from expanding the video surveillance system to the connection of additional municipal sites.