Emisfera Sistemi, born in 2004, is a design and manufacturing company, highly specialized in wireless telecommunication systems, with the scope of geographical radio transportation of data, voice and video, as a specialized company for design, implementation and commissioning of wireless, and through years has been able to implement both its staff and its activities.
In 2006 Emisfera acquires a skilled branch, focused on design, implementation and commissioning of security
system and video surveillance systems.
In 2016, following a constant profits and production increasing, Emisfera Sistemi has been incorporate into the
Ellittica Technologies Group.
Emisfera’s various souls respond to customers’ needs by offering patented products and solutions designed and built entirely by staff consisting of senior engineers, specialized technical teams, who follow every project from the first contact with the customer to after sales service.

Growth needs and the need to have wider and better organized spaces have led Emisfera to invest in a new legal office, made up of a office building and a larger shed, more easily accessible, being adjacent to one of the main streets of Connection of Reggio Emilia.